OC-300 Laser dust particle detector

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OC-300 air quality detector used to detect the air quality, for the 4 particle channels : 0.5um, 1.0um, 2.5um and 10um, with two detection mode: Quality inspection (unit of the ug/m3) and Quantity inspection (unit of the PC/L). Also with the Temperature and Humidity measurement, optional function of the gas concentration detection, it can add 3 sensors for gas detection. Its with the data logger function to record the historic inspection data.


Semiconductor technology of ultra low power 32 bit microprocessor, 24 bit ADC acquisition chip, so with the high accuracy.

3.5 inch IPS industrial grade color screen, displaying each parameter.

Channel sizes0.5um, 1.0um, 2.5um, 10um.

Support the Temperature/ Humidity sensor.

Different mode adjustable: quantity detecting mode and quality detecting mode.

Data logger function, the capacity is 100000 group data.

Optional function of micro printer to print the measurement data.

With the function of overvoltage protection, overcharge protection, short circuit protection, anti-electrostatic interference, anti-magnetic interference.

Chinese/English operation menu.



The Portable air quality detector can be widely used in the disease control center, health supervision, environmental monitoring, public area, family and other environment where need to detect the air quality detection.


Technical Specification:

Light source

Laser diode(>100,000 hours MTBF)


Ultra high sensitivity optical sensor

Particle size

0.5um 1.0um2.5um10um

Measuring range

0-9999ug/m3 and 0-99999999PC/L


1ug/m3 and 1PC/L

Gas detection

With 1~3 gas type(Optional)

Tem/Humidity inspection

Temperature-40 120


Verification standard

According to GB/T16292-1996 and ISO14644-1

Flow Rate

2.83 L /min (0.1cfm)

Sample time


Measuring mode

Quantity mode (unit of PC/L ) and quality mode( unit of ug/m3)

Detect methods

Time detecting or circle detection is adjustable



Data Storage function

Real-time storage or timing storage is adjustableStorage capacity of 100000 group datacan check the history data on the counter screen

Print mode

Optional micro-printer, can reset the print period and print mode

Working environment

Working temperature: 5 45

Working humidity: ≤90%RHnon-condensing

Power supply

4000mA rechargeable lithium battery

Explosion-Proof grade


Protection grade


Body material


Size and Weight

220*85*55 mmL×W×H),0.5 Kgnet weight


Box, data cable, Charger, CD



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