Infrared CH4 gas detector JHB-100

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Infrared methane alarm detector is in compliance with mining products certification, it is mainly applied in coal mine, natural gas, CBM(Coal bed methane),rubbish filling, sewage treatment, anaerobic fermentation and other field for methane gas leakage detection.

Adopting Infrared gas filter technique,ch4 measurement can not be interfered by other gas compositions.

Infrared CH4 Detector Specifications

Measuring method: NDIR infrared

Range: CH4: 0~5%vol to 0~100%vol

Resolution : 0.01% for the range of 0~10%vol

          0. 1% for the range of 0~100%vol

Max. error: 0~1%:≤±0.1%

          1~100%:≤±10% of true value

Response time T90: <25S(20°C)

Working temperature: -40~70°C

Storage temperature:-40~85°C


Preheating time: 30S

Working power supply: DC3.7V 1300mAh lithium battery

            AC 220V to DC 5V adapter  

Anti-explosion sign: ExibⅠ 

Anti-explosion certificate No.: 320101440

Safety sign No.: MFA110040

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Infrared CH4 Detector Application Range

Coal mine, natural gas, CBM (Coal bed methane), rubbish filling, sewage treatment, anaerobic fermentation and other fields for CH4 gas leakage detection.

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