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Customizable Air Quality Detection System

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What is the AQM-09?


AQM-09 is an air quality monitoring system, it can monitor outdoor air pollutants in real-time, including SO2, NO2, O3, CO, Dust, Meteorological parameters, noise, etc. With 4G data transmission function.Free cloud platform for you to use.Optinal solar panel power supply.Can be connected to an external LED screen.The measuring range and gas type can be customized according to your needs.



What is the use of AQM-09?


It is designed to ensure the safety of the ambient air around you.

It can be used as the air quality camera around you.



Where can AQM-09 be used?


AQM-09 air quality monitoring system can monitor the dust in the urban environment, construction sites, tourist attractions, parks, quarries, open-pit mining, cement plants and road safety.



Our After-sales service:


1. OEM service for LOGO, model, Technical Parameters, Operation manual, etc.

2. Free calibration service and provide calibration methods.

3. One year warranty and lifetime warranty


Technical Parameter:






Air temperature measurement range, °C

-40 to 60

Limits of permissible absolute error of air temperature measurements, °C

± 0,3

Relative air humidity measurement range, %

0 to 100

Limits of permissible absolute error, %

± 2

Atmospheric pressure measurement range, kPa

30 to 110

Limits of permissible absolute error in atmospheric pressure measurements, Pa

± 2,5

Air flow velocity measurement range, m/s

0 to 60

Limits of absolute error in air flow velocity measurements, %

± 3

Air flow direction measurement range, degrees

0 to 360

air flow direction measurements, degrees

± 3

Measuring range of particle mass concentration (PM2.5; PM10), µg/m3

0 to 1000

Limits of permissible relative error in measuring the mass concentration of particles,%

± 10

Gas concentration measurement range, mg/m3

- volatile organic compounds

- sulfur dioxide SO2

- nitrogen dioxide NO2

- ozone O3

- carbon monoxide CO

- sulphide hydrogena H2S


0 to 76

0 to 5,3

0 to 3,8

0 to 4

0 to 230

0 to 28,3

Limit of permissible relative error of gas concentration measurements, %

- volatile organic compounds

- sulfur dioxide SO2

- nitrogen dioxide NO2

- ozone O3

- carbon monoxide CO

- sulphide hydrogena H2S



± 15

± 15

± 15

± 15

± 15

± 15

Terms of Use:

- ambient air temperature, °C

- relative humidity, %

- atmospheric pressure, kPa

- storage temperature, °C


- 35 to 60

0 to 90

65 to 108

- 40 to 70

Protection class


Overall dimensions (L×W×H), mm, no more


Weight, kg, no more


Electrical power parameters:

- AC voltage, V

- frequency Hz


АС(220 ± 22), DC24

50 ± 1

Data transfer

RS485 Modbus,






Station included:

-data logger

- wind speed and direction sensor

-temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure sensor

- gas analysis module

- particle module



1 copy

Verification method

1 copy

Note*: the station is completed in accordance with the customer’s requirements according to the agreed order specification.


More information, pls contact:

Whatsapp: +8615981942832

Email: info@china-oceanus.com

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