OC-10 handheld diffusion sampling combustible gas leakage detector

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OC-10 handheld diffusion sampling combustible gas leakage detector is used for industrial secetors and applied to detect mathane, natural gas, LPG, ect. Compared to traditional method, it has the advantage of large detection and usability range more than ten types of combustible gas. It consisits of Japan sensor and American Military grade processor. What's more, it has following advantages: small figure, light weight, easy to carry and operate, retractable probe tube, shock resistance and a screen at high resolution.

gas leakage detector


High-resolution STN dot-matrix LCD display.

Find the leak points quickly.

The sensor has the function of detection itself.

Retractable probe tube,  adjustable detecting range.

Quick to respond and react.

Real-time detection of the environment temperature and humidity.

  gas leakage detecor

Technical parameter:

Handheld diffusion sampling combustible gas leakage detection                                               
Detecting gas Combustible gas
Detection range

0 PPM---1000 PPM or  0 PPM---10000 PPM

Sampling Method

diffusion sampling


Better than 50 PPM

Working Environment

Temperature: -10℃55℃ ;

Humidity: ≤93% RH (non-condensing)

Response time


Preheat time




Charging time

≤ 5 hours

Continuous Working time

>8h (normal working environment)


The handheld diffusion sampling combustible gas leakage detector is used in the gas safety inspection and alarm for industrial secetors, such as gas station, petroleum refinery, chemical plant, etc, where need to inspect the leakage gas concentration.

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gas leakage detecor


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