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The VOCs online gas analyzer is a new gas analyzer system based on OC-F08 which use the original import PID sensors and 32 bit low power processor. The screen displays the values and figures at the same time. The circuit uses 4 layers of wiring for weak signal and anti-interference; independent high precision import 16 bit AD chip and special signal processing algorithm, the accuracy of measurement data is much higher and more stable.


The imported high performance PID sensor from UK, has good stability and repeatability and long service life.

Pre-stage pretreatment unit and Post-stage pretreatment unit: the pre-stage pretreatment unit processes the extracted samples preliminarily, so that the sample is suitable for transmission, shortens the transmission lag of the sample, and lightens the burden of the processing unit, such as decompression, cooling, and dust removal etc. The post stage pretreatment unit can further deal with and adjust the sample, such as temperature, pressure, flow regulation, filtration, dehumidification, removal of harmful substances, safety pressure relief and current limiting, etc.

With function of Real-time display of temperature and humidity;

Suitable for efficient and fast water removal, which can be used online for a long time;

Suitable for working in high temperature, high dust and high oil gas, such as boiler flue gas, automobile exhaust, environmental protection department, industrial production process monitoring, pollution source monitoring, heavy metal online monitoring, desulfurization and denitrification monitoring, waste incineration flue gas emission monitoring, volatile organic matter (VOC) monitoring, biogas online monitoring, etc.

Display the gas concentration in mg/m3、ppm、pphm、ppb is selectable;

The online curve graph shows that data can be viewed in real time;

Selection of multiple signal transmission modes: Wireless, Bluetooth, Optical fiber, NB, etc.

Seamless docking system platform, host computer system to achieve diversified operation;

Mobile APP terminal can easily check data anytime and anywhere;

Wall mounted independent installation, no need to debug, directly begin to work.

Target detection gas:

Industrial emission of organic volatile waste gas;

Quantitative and qualitative analysis of Total hydrocarbons (THC) and Non methane total; hydrocarbons (NMHX), Benzene, Dimethylformamide(DMF), Alkenes, Aromatics and Cyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the discharge pipeline;

Complex toxic and harmful organic compounds in industrial or chemical areas;

Online monitoring of pollution source VOCS;

Online monitoring of odor organic sulfides;

Online monitoring of multi point unorganized emission in the factory.

Normal applications:

Industrial coating;               

Manufacturing of transportation equipment;     

Packaging & printing;             

Paint manufacturing;

Organic chemical industry;        

Tire manufacturing;

Furniture manufacturing;          

Semiconductor integrated circuit;

Household Electric Appliances;    

Wire and cable;

Spray paint & dry-clean;          

Shoe making;

Synthetic material;              

Monosodium glutamate manufacturing;

Technical specification:

Detection gas

Total hydrocarbons (THC), Methane and Non methane total hydrocarbons (NMHC), Benzene, Toluene, Xylene, etc.

Reference method


Detection method

Continuously online detection and pump-suction sampling

Power Supply


Detection mode

Automatic real-time detection of multichannel different emission points

Working principle

PID sensor

Measure range

0~1ppm, 10ppm, 100ppm, 1000ppm, 10000ppm or customized


0.001ppm ,0.01ppm0.1ppm1ppm



Lowest detection concentration

NMHC: 0.1ppm(CH4)




TVOC ≤±3%F.S.

Zero drift


TVOC ±0.5%F.S./D

Span Drift


TVOC ≤±3%F.S.

Sampling velocity


Preprocessing method

Adding preconditioning facilities

Dust removal

The multistage precision filter2μ-0.2μ

Flow control

Large flow vacuum pump & flow controller

Button display

Display operation, sampling, calibration, exception and other automatic running state.

Data transmission

Long-distance transmission such as wireless, APP, optical fiber, etc.

Sensor Response Time (T90)


Operating Environment

Temperature: -30~60 (Customized for special demands)

Humidity: ≤95%RH (non-condensing); if >90%RH, can add the filter

Pressure: ≤200kPa

Sensor Signals transmission

Two-level replay output:220VAC 0.5A, 5VDC 0.5A

(Optional) Data remote transmission and alarm through the Wireless module, also can realize the Ethernet access.

Material of Body

Cast aluminum

Explosion-proof Index

Ex d IIC T6

Protection Grade



80cm×70 cm×30cmL×W×H


About 5Kg


12 months



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