OC-YP901 PH meter

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OC-YP901 PH meter


The new key-type PH meter is suitable for high-precision PH measurement in various scientific research, quality control, biotechnology, fine chemicals, acid-base titration and other fields. PH measurement has a wide range of applications, and is now widely used in various fields such as universities, environmental protection, medicine, health, geological prospecting, metallurgy, and ocean exploration. Common acid rain detection, surface water, industrial wastewater, drinking water, beverages, daily chemical products, textiles, etc., all require PH measurement. Since the activity of hydrogen ions is often very small, it is very inconvenient to use, so the pH value is used to express the acidity and alkalinity of the aqueous solution.


6.5 inches LED screen, Omron long life touch button type;

It can intelligently judge the electrode status to ensure accurate use by customers;

Meet the GLP requirements of international standards, with functions such as automatic calibration and automatic temperature compensation;

The new material is corrosion-proof, dust-proof and splash-proof, and the instrument is more durable;

The instrument is equipped with a Bluetooth module as standard, supports wireless Bluetooth printing, which is convenient for users to operate;

Large-capacity storage of 2000 sets of measurement data, data can be transferred via U disk, and can be opened with EXELL;

Three series of standard buffer solutions can be selected: European and American series, NIST series and China;

Comply with IP54 dust-proof and splash-proof design.

Technical Parameter:



PH measuring range


PH resolution


PH relative accuracy


Input Current


Input resistance


mV measuring range


mV resolution


mV relative accuracy


Temperature measurement range


Temperature resolution


Relative temperature accuracy


Temperature compensation

Manual / Auto



Automatic (2-point calibration)

System specification:

Display screen

6.5 inch HD LED screen

Data storage

2000 set

Newsletter connector

USB2.0, Bluetooth wireless, 232

Working conditions

temperature: 5-40 degrees

humidity: 5-85%

Power supply

9V2A (110-220, 50Hz-60Hz adapter)

Product size and weight

160 × 190 × 70mm/880g


PH measurement suitable for scientific research;

PH measurement suitable for quality control;

Suitable for PH measurement in biotechnology;

Suitable for PH measurement of fine chemicals;

Suitable for pH measurement of acid-base titration;

Suitable for PH measurement of geological prospecting;

Suitable for PH measurement in colleges and universities;

Suitable for environmentally friendly PH measurement;

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