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Carbon Monoxide CO detector with voice prompt

2017-10-25      View:
  • Brand   Oceanus
  • Type   606
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1. MCU processing and SMT Manufacture Technology

2. Human voice prompt
3. High reliable electrochemical sensor
4. Carbon monoxide gas concentration displaying(PPM), clock displaying (24-hour system)
5. DC 9V by battery
6. Low current consumption, ultra-long standby time
7. Battery capacity displaying
8. Alarm memory function ( record at most 7 times’ alarm)
9. CE, Rohs and EN50291 

10. Easy choose CN, EN, UL three standards

Technical parameter:

Power Supply: DC 9V battery
Sensitivity/Alarm Time :  Alarm Standard: UL (UL 2034), EN (EN 50291), CN
Static Current: <80uA  (200uA when the LCD displayer light)
Alarm Current: <30mA
Operation ambient: 0-50°C 
Environment Humidity: 10~95%R.H
Alarm Output: Voice &red LED light flash alarm
Static Output: Green LED light flash every 30 seconds
Detecting level range: 000~999ppm
Sensitive level: 5ppm
Error: +/- 10%
Normal working status: 000ppm
Alarm concentration: 030-999ppm
Low Battery Warning: Sound “Attention please, low battery warning”, battery signal flash
Wight: 130g

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