OC-300G air quality detector with the CH2O inspection

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  • Type   OC-300G
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OC-300G air quality detector used to detect the air quality, with multi function: Particle quality inspection of PM2.5 & PM10, Particle quantity measurement of 0.3um & 2.5um, with CH2O gas detection. With the function of testing the Temperature and Humidity. Provide with the English menu.


Technical Parameter:

1.      Particle detector

Channels: PM2.5, PM10

Measuring range: 0~500ug/m3

Sampling principle: light scattering method

Sampling time: 60s


2.      Particle counter

Channels: 2.5um,10um

Repeatability: Relative standard deviation ≤±10%

Particle size accuracy: Relative error ≤±20%

Light source: with the laser diode

Flow rate: 1L/min

Concentration: PC/L


3.      CH2O inspection

For the CH2O gas detection with the original imported electrochemical sensor from DART, with high resolution, stable signal, respond quickly. With long working life of 3 years.

Note: If use the CH2O gas detection first time, after turn it on, please put it under the good ventilation for about 2 hours, this could clear the package pollution, or will low the measurement data.

Sampling mode: Diffusion sampling

Working principle: Electrochemical sensor

Resolution: 0. 01 mg/m3

Detecting range: 0~3mg/m3

Precision: ±10%


Display: 320*240 color LCD screen

Power supply: Rechargeable lithium battery (7.4V/1400mAh)

or AC adapter (input: 100~240V, output 9V/2A)

Battery working time: More than 3 hours continuously

Stand-by time: More than 7 days

Size: 92*43*215mm

Weight: About 600g(With battery)

Working environment: 5~45℃, <90%RH

Storage environment: -20~60℃, <90%RH

Standard accessory: AC adapter, operation manual, Handheld case




OC-300G ch2o detector

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