LX-F Shore Hardness tester Sponge Durometer for Foam material

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  • Brand   Oceanus
  • Type   LX-F
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Description of the Sponge Durometer:

LX-F type Sponge Durometer is suitable for the determination of soft foam, polyurethane foam rubber products’ hardness.

And it will be different with the other hardness tester In the aspects of using. When using, the presser foot directly contact to the sample, and see its own weight as force measurement load.

Features of the Sponge Durometer:

1:Scope of pressure needle route: 0 ~ 2.5millimeters.

2:The scale value: 0-100 degrees.

3:The force of pressure needle end: 550mN~4300mN(56~438.5g).

4. Weight: 505g

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