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Ammonia Nitrogen (NH3-N) detector ---Water quality detector

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The Sulfate detector used to test the NH3-N concentration for the Water plant, Industrial company, Industrial water, Resident water, in order to control the water quality. It's the popular water quality detector for water plant.

The application of microcomputer based photoelectric colorimetric detection principle to replace the traditional visual colorimetric method. Human error is eliminated, thus the measurement resolution is greatly improved. When measuring, the sample water added with the reagent, the sample water will change into yellow color. Then put it into the Photoelectric colorimeter, the instrument will get the NH3-N concentration.




1. Microcomputer, touch type keyboard,  LCD display screen.

2. The working principle with the Spectrophotometric photoelectric colorimetry, and the reagent is convenient to be used, the water sample can be read in a few minutes after the reagent reaction, the sulfate value will be displayed.

3. It with the patent technology of the LED light source automaticly controlling the circuit, so the light source stable. The light source with long working life of 20 years, when turn on the device, no need to pre-heat.

4. Built-in large power recharge lithium battery, equipped with the charger, suitable for the lab use or outdoor measurement.

5. The instrument with the full range calibration curve, with the power-off protection, the calibration data will not be missed. With the auto zero setting and 5 point auto correction function. With the data of nonlinear processing and data smoothing function, the smallest read data is 0.01mg/L.

6. According with the standard of GB/T5750-2006.

Technical parameter:

Measuring range: 0~10mg/L

Resolution: 0.01mg/L

Repeatability: ≤2%

Indication error: ±5%FS±1word

Charger: AC 220V 50Hz

Size: 40cm x 20cm x 20cm

Weight: 3kg

If you want more details for the water quality detector, welcome to contact us.

NH3-N detectorNH3-N detectorNH3-N detector
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