HVS-1000 Computer Digital Micro Hardness tester with Manual turret

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HVS-1000 Computer Digital Micro Hardness tester equip with the micro hardness measuring system, it can continuously read indentation after continuous loading and can carry out successive experiments of the loading and reading indentation every time. With the CCD camera, video line or USB interface to observe and measure the indentation directly on the monitor and high measuring accuracy with the mouse. For the setting of test conditions, display results can be clearly and quickly operated and displayed. Through measuring software, computer can also be used for convenient operation, to achieve a single point measurement of random multipoint measurement and statistical measurement data, arbitrarily set the distance between two or more points measurements for the layer depth measurements, measured along the X or Y direction of the two statistical measurement data, according to the user input to determine the value of automatic calculation of hardened layer depth. Statistical calculus, conversion, display curve, to determine whether qualified. Measuring the length of parts can save the print graphics. 



The optical system with the clear image, also could be as the usage of the microscope, the adjustable brightness is good for the worker eyes.

The LCD display the Hardness value, conversion hardness, testing method, testing force, duration time, test frequency, the worker can monitor the testing process clearly.

The shell made by the special foundry molding casting, with the stable structure, can work under the severe environment; with the high class automobile paint with high anti scratch ability.

Our company with the R& D team and we provide the service for the maintenance and upgrade.

HVS-1000 Digital Micro Hardness tester is operated by the manual turret.



Iron, Steel, Nonferrous metal, Metal foil, Hard alloy, Sheet metal, Microstructure.

Carburizing, Nitriding, Decarburization layer, Surface Hardening layer, Electroplating, Coating.

Glass, Chip. Ceramic material.

 HVS-1000 Computer Digital Micro Hardness tester with Manual turret

Technical parameter:




Hardness scale



Retention time and Hardness value

Testing forcegf

10gf (0.098N),25gf (0.245N),50gf (0.49N),100gf (0.98N ),

200gf (1.96N),300gf (2.94N),500gf (4.9N),1000gf (9.8N)


Loading Method

Automatically (load, keep, unload)


Manual turret

Duration time (s)


Testing force choose

External knob, the testing force display on the LCD screen automatically

Magnification of objective lens


Optical channel

Dual optical channel(Eyepiece and CCD camera channel)

Optical system

1Total magnification (μm)100×For Observation , 400×For Measurement);

2Measuring range(μm):  200

3Resolution(μm):    0.01

Hardness measuring range


X-Y Testing table

Dimension(mm):100×100   Max. travel(mm):25×25

Min data(mm):0.01

Max, height of the specimen (mm)


Max, width of the specimen (mm)


Data output

RS-232 port, optional built-in printer









Standard accessories:


Micro Vickers Indenter    1pc

Flat Clamp      1pc

Objectives 40x   1pc

Filament Clamp   1pc

Objectives 10x   1pc

Water level    1pc

Accessories Box   1pc

Screw driver   2pcs

Weights/Gradienter  6pc

Level Screw      4pcs

X-Y testing table        1pc

Power Cable    1pc

Thin-piece Clamp   1pc

Micro eyepiece 10x   1pc

Micro Vickers Hardness block  2pcs

Fuse (1A)       2pcs

Manual      1pc

Anti-dust Cover   1pc



Our company provides the different type Hardness tester, including of the Rockwell Hardness tester, Leeb Hardness tester, Barcol Hardness tester, Webster Hardness tester, Micro Hardness tester.

If you want to know more details, welcome to contact us.

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