Gas leakage detector for combustible gas

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OC-10 series gas leakage detector is for industrial use with high performance and a wide detecting range, which can detector more than ten types combustible explosive gas.  It with the Japan sensor and American Military grade processor. Also, it has below advantages: small figure, simple operation, easy to carry, extension flexible probe tube, high shock resistance. High-resolution STN dot-matrix LCD can provide high-visible display. It is applied to detect methane, natural gas, LPG, coal gas, ethane, propane, acetylene, butane, isobutene, pentane, hexane, halogenated hydrocarbon (methyl chloride, trichloroethane, chloroethylene, etc), alcohols (methanol, ethanol, propanol), ether, ketone (butanone, acetone), hydrogen, methylbenzene and other compound (gasoline, industrial solvent, paint, thinner, refrigerant, abluent, methyl acetate, etc).


Gas leakage detector Features:

1High-resolution STN dot-matrix LCD display

2Quickly find the gas leakage point

3Long and flexible gooseneck tube, adjustable detecting range

4Low-voltage alarm, under-voltage automatic shutdown

5Failure self-checking function of the sensor

6Quick preheat, rapid response

7Frequency variation of audio signal with concentration

8Zero point self-calibration

9Black scroll bar display the ratio scale of real time concentration to full range.

10、Real time inspection of the environment temperature and humidity.



Detecting Gas: combustible explosive gas (such as natural gas, LPG, etc)

Sensor: semiconductor

Detection Range: (calibrated by methane)

  0 PPM---1000 PPM or  0 PPM---10000 PPM (optional)

Sampling Method: diffusion sampling

Sensitivity: better than 50 PPM

Working Environment: Temperature: -10℃~55

Humidity: 93% RH (non-condensing)

Storage Environment: Temperature: -30℃~60

Humidity: 93% RH (non-condensing)

Warm-up time: 30S

Response time: 5S

Indication: LCD scroll bar and data display, audio alarm with variation of frequency

Charging Duration: 5 hours

Continuous Working Period of the Battery: >8h (normal working environment)

Sensor life: 2 years

Power Supply: rechargeable lithium battery

Weight: about 300g

Dimensions: 175mm×71mm×40mm

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