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Gas detector

2018-8-1      View:

Henan Oceanus Imported and Exported CO.,LTD. is chinese supplier of gas detector with high quality and reasonable price. Our main products are gas detector and air quality detector with the supporting of professional team.

Gas detector is an instrument and apparatus to detector gas leakage concentration. It mainly consists of fixed gas detector and portable gas detector. Gas sensors are used to detect the type of gas and the composition and content of gas. It is widely used in industry, agriculture, transportation, science and technology, environment protection, national defense, aerospace and daily life.

Air quality detector is uded to detector PM2.5, PM10, ect. It can also measure the humidity and temperature in air. The Portable air quality detector can be widely used in the disease control center, health supervision, environmental monitoring, public area, family and other environment where need to detect the air quality detection.