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Test sensors don't use rude and fast methods like lighters

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Think back to the last time you tried to test a flammable gas detector. You're busy, and you want a quick and easy way to test whether the sensor is good. An easy answer is a cigarette lighter, isn't it? Tests can be completed as soon as the gas is ejected rapidly. Isn't it?

If such a test destroys the detector's sensor in the instant of pressing the switch, such a test is very convenient, but it’s so bad for sensor!


If you use a lighter test sensor, you may encounter the following risks:

- Causes the sensor to be unusable

- Influence warranty - carbon is a very serious problem for manufacturers. The manufacturer will not accept the warranty application for breach of procedure.


Why do lighters pose a threat to sensors?

Industrial gas detectors use catalytic combustion sensors to detect a variety of flammable gases and vapors. The sensor consists of a pair of matched beads that react with gas through heating. The sensor operates within the "Lower explosive limit (LEL)" range, so it is possible to warn as soon as possible before the gas concentration builds up to the flammable level.


Periodically and irregularly exposed to a high concentration of gas may degrade sensor performance, whereas the lighter will expose the sensor to 100% of the gas volume. Not only that, this exposure cools the sensor beads, causing them to suffer damage. Lighters also leave destructive carbon deposits on the beads, making the sensors unusable and endanger your life.


How to test the sensor safely?

Speed detection! Alternatively, you can use 50% LEL gas to calibrate, but make sure you use the correct gas calibration adapter and adjust the gas flow of the cylinder to 0.5 to 1 litres per minute.

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