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TVOC-Another super star in air pollution

2017-8-2      View:

    From the interior interior monitoring center of the National Interior Decoration Association, the air pollution in the automobile room is becoming more and more serious. The monitoring center by GB/T1883-202 (national indoor air quality standard) of 50 vehicles traveling less than half of the new cars are formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, xylene, TVOC detected five, 70% concentration of car indoor toxic gas exceed the standard, including two indicators of formaldehyde and TVOC exceed the standard of the most serious.

    During the interview, many owners have told reporters that the car has a taste unbearable, the car harmful gas exceeds the standard, more harmful than indoor air inside the house, the greater the degree of harm to the human body. Long time will cause headache, dizziness, nausea, severe cases may lead to anemia and cancer; air pollution can also cause the driver anxiety, inability to concentrate, affecting driving safety, pollution source mainly comes from the new car body itself

1, such as car seats, seat covers, flooring and other materials containing benzene, formaldehyde, acetone, xylene and other harmful substances.

2, from the interior decoration.

3, the car space is narrow, the tightness is better, the human body emissions of carbon dioxide and other harmful substances more and more, but also easy to cause pollution.

The main ingredients of TVOC include

    Benzene, organic chloride, freon series, organic ketones, amines, alcohols, ethers, esters, acids and petroleum hydrocarbons etc.. Thus it can be seen that TVOC is harmful to human beings.

    However, in real life, many people only know formaldehyde, that air pollution is only formaldehyde, the greatest harm to the human body, this is a big mistake, and especially wrong. In fact, air pollution, in addition to formaldehyde, there are TVOC, benzene, ammonia, etc., if exceeded, then the same will bring harm to the human body, so do not think that air pollution, as long as formaldehyde is not excessive on the line.

    So what should we do if we face the big TVOC?

    First, to prevent TVOC damage, mainly for furniture, sheet metal, paint after treatment processed decorative materials, leather, cloth, glue coating and other sources of pollution, prevent the damage of TVOC is to start from the source, to environmental protection decoration materials. In addition, heating and baking can also aggravate the release of TVOC.

    Second. Ventilate regularly. After renovation, even if the test confirmed that TVOC is not excessive, but also ventilation two to three months after admission, if the conditions, the best new premises cool ventilation, more than half a year for the best.

    Third: the harm of daily removal method of TVOC TVOC can only temporarily slow, but similar to activated carbon like except TVOC measures will bring two pollution, therefore, in addition to effective ventilation windows, car needs through the air to the effective use of better governance, in order to avoid.TVOC formaldehyde and other toxic and harmful gases harmful to health.

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