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Selection and application of carbon monoxide gas detection system in underground garage

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Carbon monoxide (CO) is a toxic colorless and odorless gas, with the popularity of private cars and underground garage, which lead to poisoning are also frequently seen in newspapers. In recent years, the state of the underground garage carbon monoxide detection system has begun, "provisions of article 8.6.3 of the national green building design standards", "real-time monitoring and control of underground garage with the concentration of CO with mechanical ventilation". For carbon monoxide gas detection, how to design and install, is a lot of the design institutes and engineering company has never been involved. The Oceanus from the professional toxic gas detector manufacturers point of view, to explain in detail how to set up underground garage carbon monoxide gas detector.


Harmful and production of carbon monoxide in garages

Carbon monoxide is colorless, odorless, tasteless, inhalation of the human body has great harm. It combines the formation of hemoglobin and carbon monoxide hemoglobin to human hypoxia. The most common symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning, such as headache, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, fatigue and weakness, exposure to carbon monoxide may seriously damage the heart and central nervous system, there will be sequelae.

According to the test, the carbon monoxide concentration in the air at 50ppm, healthy adults can withstand 8 hours; to 200ppm, 2 to 3 hours after the health of adults, slight headache and weakness; at 400ppm, healthy adults 1 to 2 hours after 3 hours of forehead pain, life threatening; to 800ppm, healthy adults in 45 minutes in vertigo, nausea, cramps, 2 hours lost consciousness, the death of 2 ~ 3 hours.The production of carbon monoxide in the underground garage is mainly due to the automobile engine, when the engine idling operation, due to the lack of gasoline combustion, will produce a large number of CO exhaust gas.The underground parking lot belongs to the closed environment, vehicle access is more frequent, the exhaust is also not easy to discharge, easy to accumulate a large amount of CO gas, leading to the parking lot was filled with the pungent smell, harm people's health. Therefore, the underground garage, parking lot should be equipped with the delivery, exhaust system, with fresh air replacement.


The purpose of carbon monoxide detection system in underground garage

At present, there are two main purposes of adding carbon monoxide detection system in underground garage:

1, regular exhaust to ensure that the concentration of carbon monoxide in the garage below the level of harm, is a security consideration.

2, according to the concentration of carbon monoxide in the underground garage exhaust, to avoid the high frequency of exhaust energy waste, energy saving.


Oceanus as a professional gas detector supplier to recommend you OC-8000 gas detection controller and OC-F08 carbon monoxide gas monitor combined with the use, to ensure that the concentration of carbon monoxide in a reasonable range.

OC-8000 and OC-F08 system

1, the concentration of carbon monoxide detector (OC-F08)

Multi point real-time detection of carbon monoxide concentration in the garage, and the data can be uploaded to the controller display. Carbon monoxide detector specifications are as follows:

2, gas detection controller (model: OC-8000)

The controller is used to display the concentration of carbon monoxide at each monitoring point. At the same time, the controller is connected with the exhaust system, when the carbon monoxide concentration value exceeds the preset alarm value, the system can automatically alarm or control the start exhaust system. The controller is usually installed in the duty room, and the detector is connected with the four core RS485 protocol. The controller must have a relay alarm output to control the exhaust system. The controller specifications are as follows: