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Application of ozone detector

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    Ozone is an allotrope of oxygen, its molecular weight containing three oxygen atoms, the molecular formula O3, room temperature is a colorless gas, has a special smell of grass, has strong oxidation ability, poor stability, room temperature can be decomposed into oxygen, usually in the mixed state of thin in the atmosphere. Ozone has strong oxidation characteristics, has been recognized by the world as a broad-spectrum efficient fungicide, its oxidation capacity of more than doubled, and even a few seconds to kill bacteria.

    Ozone can be used for disinfection of air and water, so it is widely used in all fields. The ozone technology in our country is gradually mature, and the ozone is gradually known by people, because of its strong disinfection ability, which has been used in various fields:

1 living room, room air purification disinfection field: ozone can kill bacteria and viruses in the air, there is dust, the air is fresh and natural, play to eliminate fatigue, refreshing effect.

2 can be widely used in hotels, hotels, sauna, hospitals, pharmaceutical, food and other industries to wash clothes, public places, toilets, production sites clean.

3 pesticide degradation: can be widely used in the public dining room, fruit and vegetable processing plants, food processing plants, etc., used to remove pesticides, fertilizers, food additives and other harmful substances.

4 water treatment: can be widely used in industrial water, algae, sterilization, aquaculture water sterilization and disease prevention, sewage treatment process of deodorization, decolorization, sterilization and other processes.

5 food preservation: can be widely used in refrigeration plants, food processing plants, livestock slaughter plants and other units in the production and processing of raw materials and finished products storage, preservation, disinfection process.

6 the utility model can be widely used in the dining room and the office dining room of the restaurant, and can be used for sterilizing and disinfecting tableware, fruits and vegetables, as well as sterilization and disinfection of children's toys and objects on the surface.

7 food plants, pharmaceutical plants need to surface of raw materials and other objects on the surface of the flow type immersion sterilization, and the formation of sterile raw material surface (packaging containers can be high concentrations of ozone gas contact disinfection).

8 in the processing of aquatic products, frozen before packaging, through the high concentration ozone water spray sterilization or over-current immersion sterilization, the health indicators of aquatic products to achieve perfect control, avoiding the use of chlorine chloride to bring exceed the standard problem.

9 in the process of liquid food processing (such as drinks, fruit juices, etc.) and the pharmaceutical factory production process, high concentrations of ozone water can be used for pipelines, production equipment and the container to soak and wash, so as to achieve efficient sterilization. The bacterial virus on the surface of pipeline, equipment and container is washed and killed. The utility model has the advantages that no dead ends can be generated, and the harmful substances discharged by the use of other chemical disinfectants can be avoided.

10 sewage treatment, cooling tower water, swimming pool water purification and disinfection, etc..


    The application of ozone in the industry a lot, with the use of air, as well as the use of water inside, a variety of places need to be disinfected can be used, then the standard amount of ozone in the air is how much?


    According to the safety concentration of Tsinghua University "ozone technology papers" is a book about the application of ozone concentration in the safe concentration of air, application concentration, concentration, concentration and application of water environmental perception concentration, classification of excerpts, in order to find in the application. The concentration of ozone is not more than 0.2mg/m3.

    Hygienic standard for industrial ozone: International Ozone Association: 0.1 ppm, 10 hours contact us: 0.1 ppm, 8 hours of contact of Germany and France, Japan: 0.1 ppm China: 0.16mg/m3.

    The household ozone disinfection cabinet ozone leakage shall not exceed 0.2mg/m3 (1.5 meters away), the concentration of not more than 0.2mg/m3 residual disinfection after one cycle.

    The animal experiment showed that the concentration of ozone, starting point for 0.3ppm concentration and toxicity, the ozone in the air can smell that is 0.02 ~ 0.04ppm, according to the test results of ozone on lung function toxicity, put forward 1.5 ~ 2.0ppm to allow the upper limit of ozone concentration. Ministry of health ozone maximum allowable concentration of 0.2mg/m3.

    Air application concentration:

    The odor and sterilization air as required, ozone concentration is low, such as 0.5ppm (1mg/m3), and items (surface disinfection germicidal and chemical pollution removal) is required to improve the ozone concentration several times.

    The application of the air with oxygen concentration in 1mg/m3 ~ 10mg/m3.

    The low temperature, high humidity, good killing effect, especially humidity, relative humidity is less than 45%, ozone to airborne microorganisms almost no killing effect. At 60%, it gradually increased and reached the maximum value at 95%.

    The use of ozone disinfection of food processing workshop, 0.5 ~ 1.0ppm of natural bacteria in the air can kill 80%.

    The cold storage disinfection requirements ozone concentration of 6 ~ 10ppm, after more than 24 hours of downtime seal base bacteria killing rate of about 90%, fungal killing rate is about 80%.

    The in fruit during storage, available in 2 ~ 3ppm of ozone can make mold inhibited the growth of the storage period can be prolonged by one time.

    So we use ozone sterilization process, how to control the amount of ozone, to ensure that the standard amount of ozone and safe use? Oceanus science and technology to solve this problem, R & D and production of ozone gas concentration detector, can 24 hours online detection of ozone, ozone monitoring to facilitate the use of ozone dosage, to ensure personal safety and standard dosage of ozone.

    Ozone detector Oceanus technology R & D and production, has been applied in many fields of medicine, food disinfection disinfection, air purification workshop, canteen disinfection, preservation of fruits and vegetables and public environmental disinfection, sewage treatment plants, high and low temperature ozone monitoring etc..


Application of Oceanus technology ozone gas detector in medical equipment and food aseptic workshop:

gas detector in medical equipment and food aseptic workshop

Application of Oceanus technology handheld ozone gas detector in the field of air purification:

portable ozone gas detector

Application of Oceanus science and technology desktop ultraviolet ozone gas detector in wastewater treatment plant:

gas detector in wastewater treatment plant

Application of Oceanus technology in the field of ozone leakage detection by fixed ozone detector:

online gas monitor

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