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Gas monitor in restaurant

2017-7-26      View:

    At present, in the kitchen of the hotel or school use the LPG, Natural gas and gas, if the gas leakage will come out two results: Explosion and Poisoning, between this, the explosion with more bad effect.

    The gas detection system compose by the gas detector and the gas detection controller, using the cable to connect. The controller should be installed the fire control center, instrument room and charging room, etc, the controller could connect many different gas detector and display the each gas concentration, the connection mode including of the Bus system and Branch system.

    The installation of the gas detection system should be according to the related standard, for example, when the detected gas with smaller proportion than the normal air, should be installed far away from the roof with 30~60cm distance, such as the Natural gas detector; when the gas proportion heavier than the normal air, should be installed 30~60cm distance from the ground, such as the LPG gas detector.

More need attention when installation:

1. The distance between two gas monitor should not beyond 15m, it means one gas alarm with the inspection radius of 7.5m.(According to our experience: the effective inspection area is 25 square meter).

2. If the kitchen use the Natural gas, the gas alarm should be installed 1.5m above the leakage source; if use the LPG, the position should be higher 30~60cm than the ground.

3. The gas detection system should not be installed in the following place: corner and similar area not easy air to circulate; or the position will be smoked by the lampblack.

    The function of the gas monitor system is when the gas leakage, the gas concentration up to the certain level, it will alarm and the personnel could take auction. At home, when we forget to turn off the gas source, if installed the gas monitor, it will alarm and this will avoid the accident.

In the Kitchen installed the gas detector, the cable with two specification: three-wire and four-wire, this is according to the gas monitor quantity, if the quantity less then 8pc, using the 4~20mA signal output with three-wire, if the quantity less than the 8pc, should use the RS485 signal output with the four-wire cable.

Usually for one piece gas detector, the detected area is 25 square meter, so the gas monitor quantity should be according to the kitchen area.  

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