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The ammonia detect in breeding farm

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The most harmful gas produced in the breeding farm is ammonia, followed by hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, stench and so on.


I. Ammonia introduction

Ammonia is colorless gas, toxic, dangerous level is 2.2. It's irritating. Common refrigerants. Molecular formula NH3. Molecular weight 17.03. Relative density 0.7714g/l. Melting point -77.7 DEG C. Boiling point -33.35 DEG C. Spontaneous ignition point 651.11. Vapor density 0.6. The vapor pressure of 1013.08kPa (25.7 C), very easily dissolve in water.


II. Influence of ammonia on livestock

1, It is easy to dissolve in water, and the water solution is alkaline. NH3 is mainly decomposed by organic compounds such as feces, feed and other nitrogen compounds in the farms. Low concentration of ammonia can make the respiratory and vascular center excited, high concentration can make the central nervous system paralysis, causing toxic liver disease and myocardial damage. Low concentration ammonia can cause the resistance of livestock and poultry to decrease, the morbidity and mortality increase, and the productivity decrease.

2, the ammonia in farms is often dissolved or adsorbed on the wet ground, walls and livestock breeding farms on the mucosa, when the temperature rises, dissolved in water with ammonia water separation, the formation of two times the air pollution, and again attached to the mucosa of livestock.

3, urinary urea (nitrogen containing fecal microbial protein in urine urea nitrogen refractory, here does not consider the fecal nitrogen produced by urea) degradation of ammonia (NH3); low concentration of ammonia is irritating to the skin and mucous membrane, often easily dissolved in the livestock respiratory tract mucous membrane and conjunctiva so, mucosal congestion, edema, conjunctivitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, pulmonary edema. Ammonia also affected the growth of broilers, laying hens, the egg rate increased, the incidence rate of increase. If chickens were exposed to Newcastle disease virus in the absence of ammonia, only 40% were infected; chickens reared in 15.2mg/m3 containing ammonia were infected with Newcastle disease virus (3D), and 100% of them were infected with Newcastle disease virus.

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