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Light source maintenance and operation attention of micro hardness tester

2017-11-28      View:

When the light bulb is broken, follow the following steps to replace the new bulb.

1)) please cut off the power supply, so as to avoid the electric shock;

2) clockwise to loosen the screw 1; see Figure 6.1

3) nudge the arrow 1 direction cover, click the arrow 2 direction of rotation, remove the back cover; see figure 6.2.

4) to pull out the bad lighting, replaced with a new bulb; see figure 6.3.                        

5) with a soft cloth to wipe the surface clean new bulb, hands do not touch the surface of the bulb;

6) according to the direction indicated by the arrow 1 push back cover, click the arrow 2 direction of rotation on the back cover. See Figure 6.4.

7) turn on the power switch.

8) observation eyepiece micrometer clockwise, and tighten the adjusting screw 1, the uniform light field. (if necessary, the screw can be loosened and the screw 2 is adjusted up and down.) See Figure 6.5

steps of replace the new bulb