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Maintenance of portable gas detector

2017-12-18      View:

1. Keep dry, away from the liquid of rainwater, moisture and corrosive substances.

2. It can not be used and stored in dusty and dirty places for a long time.

3. Prohibit the storage of instruments in high temperature or cold places.

4. It is forbidden to fall, knock or shake the instrument violently. The rough use may damage the instrument.

5. Prohibit the use of stimulant chemicals, detergents or cleaners with a larger concentration. 

Please dip a clean cotton ball with a little water or soapy water for light test, and dry it in time.

6, keep the filter hole clean, avoid liquid entering the detection hole. Once the liquid enters, please turn the instrument upside down, so that the liquid can flow automatically and do not move the instrument.

7, please use the charger provided or approved by the company to charge the instrument, and the unrecognized charger will cause damage to the instrument.

8, if the operation of the instrument is not normal, please contact the company dealers for maintenance, not private maintenance.

When the portable gas detector is detecting, the detection hole can not be directly impacted by the strong air flow, so as to avoid the inaccurate detection data.