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How to prolong the using time of natural gas detector

2017-2-16      View:

After the purchase of natural gas detector, how to extend the life of the gas detector, the user is more concerned about the problem, let us look at the following:

First of all, pay attention to the maintenance of the system, the factory before passing the gas calibration, please do not replace the device after installation, if the replacement of components, must be re calibrated.

Secondly, the natural gas detector prohibits the impact of high concentrations of gas, which may damage the sensor, but also to avoid the natural gas detector frequent power outages, frequent power failure will lead to the detection of unstable components. The use of the process, to regularly check the gas alarm controller and gas detector work is normal, the inspection cycle at least once every three months.

Another point, natural gas detector should pay attention to prevent moisture, so as not to cause the electronic device with moisture caused by the detection is not exact.

In addition to the use of natural gas detector in accordance with the above matters to pay attention to the use of, but also like we usually buy appliances, it takes a long time to be careful. Related to natural gas detector procurement items, welcome letter consultation:

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