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Common obstacles and maintenance methods of gas detector

2017-2-20      View:

Oceanus as a professional sales company of gas detector, it’s very important to focus on the customer experience. Sometimes customers are not familiar with the detector, when there is something wrong, they have no ideas to solve the problem. Today I will introduce several detector methods about gas detector obstacles.


Obstacle 1: detection of low concentration can not display the data.


1), Check whether the pump work, the pump is working, there is a slight vibration, and with the fingers to block the air intake for 2 seconds can feel a significant suction. Then check whether the air inlet of the filter is blocked or the connection is not sealed so that there is no suction.

2), Through the nitrogen calibration zero or in clean air calibration zero, the test after calibration immediately.

3), After calibration zero can not detect the measured gas, the need to restore the factory settings.

4), To restore the factory settings can not be detected after the need to re pass into the nitrogen or clean air in the zero calibration operation, calibration immediately after the completion of testing.

5), Check the sensor connection line has not been damaged or bad contact.

6), The above steps have been done or can not be detected, the need to confirm whether the existing of the measured gas, or the concentration of the measured gas is indeed very low, if it is less than the minimum detection limit of the instrument can not be detected.


Obstacle 2: in the air, no measured gas, but the numerical wave is large or bounce.


1), A short time zero point fluctuation range is less than the maximum range of the 1% belong to the normal range, belongs to the normal range in the absence of the measured gas under the condition of long time drift is less than the maximum range of 2%, if beyond the scope of the scene, need to confirm whether there is the gas or air temperature and humidity fluctuations, resulting in numerical stable, general temperature and humidity fluctuations will cause numerical instrument to detect short time fluctuations, after the constant temperature and humidity in the air, numerical will be relatively stable.

2), To confirm whether the instrument of zero calibration or target calibration operation, if there are measured gas occasions zero calibration operation can not detect the low concentration of gas, gas to be detected if there are occasions for the goal point calibration, but the calibration of concentration value and the actual concentration value does not match may cause large fluctuations or numerical NUMERICAL instruments to detect small, these two situations will restore the factory operation can be solved.

3), If it is unable to solve the problem, need to confirm whether the pass into the gas of high concentration or high concentration of the gas shock sensor, if there is a shock sensor, after the instrument electrical aging for 24 hours, the numerical stability is not be broken by impact sensor.


Obstacle 3: inaccurate detection


1), Confirm the gas concentration is accurate, sometimes the difference between the theoretical value and the actual value is very large, it is best to pass through the standard gas to verify the accuracy of the instrument, or sent to the third party testing agencies.

2), If the use of sensor measurements over a long period of time, there may be some errors, need to confirm whether the sensor and manufacturers can also continue to use, if the sensor itself is close to life, even when the calibration end can be used normally, but not too long and not normally use, recommend replacing sensor.


Obstacle 4: when the value of 0 or in the air did not reach the alarm value also alarm.


1), Check the alarm value is modified.

2), Check the alarm mode, alarm mode is modified.

3), Check the alarm condition is concentration alarm or fault alarm, alarm will appear AL or AH words, and the red indicator light flashes, fault alarm lights and yellow lights.

4), If it is man-made modifications leading to alarm can be solved by restore factory settings, fault alarm need to check whether a short circuit, open circuit, poor contact, sensor fault, or send it back to the factory inspection.


Obstacle 5: unable to communicate with computer.


1), Check the equipment address, the address set in the communication software must be consistent with the equipment of the device address.

2), In the computer's hardware - Device Manager - port to check whether the RS485/RS232 converter serial connection. For the USB interface equipment, but also to detect whether the serial port, the port number is correct.