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The method of purchasing gas detector

2018-8-17      View:

                                                 The method of purchasing gas detector

Firstly: Identifying the gas type and concentration range 

Every production departments will encounter with different types of gas,so all possible scenarios should be taken into account when selecting a gas detector. If methane and other less toxic alkanes are in the majority, the LEL detector is the most appropriate choice. This is not only because of its simple principle and wide application, but also because of its convenient maintenance and calibration. If there are toxic gases such as carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide, it should select a specific gas detector to ensure the safety of workers.

Secondly: Determining the usage occasion

Different industrial environments decide the different types of gas detector.

A: Fixed gas detectorThis is used more detector in the industrial equipment and the production process. It can be installed at specific detection points to detect specific gas leakage.

B: Portable gas detector, Due to the convenient operation of portable instruments, small size, can be carried to different production sites.

C: Compound multi-gas detector, The compound multi-gas detector can be equipped with multiple gas detection sensors required on one instrument, so it has the characteristics of small volume, light weight, fast response, ect.