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In addition to formaldehyde, decoration, what harmful gases?

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As the saying goes, clothes can make people more beautiful, in fact, the house is the same, when you buy a house, and give it a beautiful coat, can improve the quality of life, living in the house for a long time, re decoration, the old house and get a new life. However, the decoration pollution problem has become a lot of people's heart disease. Today we are going to talk about the decoration process, in addition to formaldehyde we are familiar with, what are the toxic and harmful gases.

In the national standards for the control of indoor environmental pollution in civil buildings, there are several kinds of toxic and harmful gases that must be detected. They are: benzene, formaldehyde, radon, ammonia, TVOC, benzene, radon, which is already a carcinogenic gas. Benzene, radon hazards to the human body and formaldehyde, in recent years there have been reports of benzene poisoning deaths. Therefore, after the renovation of residential toxic and harmful gases must be fully tested. Equal attention to a variety of harmful gases, the formation of indoor pollution.

So where are these toxic and harmful gases released?

It is understood that most of the furniture formaldehyde release cycle is not long, for between two and six months, six months later, formaldehyde furniture, wallpaper, curtains and other release is very low, this time, artificial bonding plate is the major source of pollution, the formaldehyde release cycle for decades.

House decoration is done, how to know whether the indoor air standards, in addition to find a professional air detection company, with the detection of scientific instruments, but also can be judged according to your own physical changes after entering the body. Usually, a good environment can make people feel comfortable, on the other hand, a long time to stay in the contaminated people, there will be a series of physical discomfort, such as colds, fatigue, nausea, dizzy in the morning, decreased immunity, frequent respiratory diseases, allergic reaction probability etc..

The above phenomenon, indicating that poor air condition in the home, the need to take appropriate measures to improve indoor air, window ventilation, green plants are a good choice.


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