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Air quality detector

2018-8-15      View:

The air quality detector is used to measure the air quality in the area where people live and work. And the poor air quality can cause harm to the human body.

With the improvement of living standard, air quality teating has been paid more attention. The air quality detector can be used for the quantitative measurement of the air quality in furniture and production workshop because the air quality detector adopted the control of single chip computer and the interactive operation of man and machine.

Dust is an important index of the air quality, so dust detection is very important. Therefore, dust detector has become a necessary part of environmental protection monitoring departments and many industrial and mining enterprises. The dust detector is mainly used to detect the dust concentration in the environment. It is suitable for the measurement of the dust concentration in the production site of the labor department of the industrial and mining enterprises, the atmospheric dust detection of the environmental protection monitoring department and the investigation of the pollution sources.

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