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How to deal with the sensors in the VOC detector contaminated?

2017-8-9      View:

Before telling the VOC detector how to deal with the pollution of the sensor, we need to understand two points: first, what is the pollution of the VOC detector and sensor? Two, VOC detector sensor pollution, the impact on the instrument?

First, the VOC detector sensor pollution refers to what?

VOC detector sensor contamination, generally refers to the VOC detector sensor for a long time in a high concentration of environmental exposure, exposure or testing, which makes the TVOC sensor contaminated.

Second, VOC sensor pollution after the impact on the instrument?

The VOC sensor is polluted mainly due to two factors: to influence the normal use of equipment, after receiving the pollution will cause the instrument readings affected (high data etc.), thus affecting the normal use; the influence of instrument life, VOC must be contaminated with high concentrations of VOC source have been in contact in the process in the UV light sensor in increasing workload, which directly affect the life of the instrument.

Understanding what air pollution detectors, VOC sensors, pollution means, and the impact of pollution on the instrument, the following will tell you, once the VOC sensor contaminated, how to deal with?.

First method for treating a VOC sensor after being contaminated:

Once the VOC sensor is polluted, the instrument for a long time on the preheating time, preheating treatment, as the degree of pollution and, until the instrument stopped after the normal preheating, and repeatedly switch instrument to confirm whether the return to normal value. If an individual cannot confirm the contamination of the instrument, contact, the technical services center, for assistance in time for confirmation of the readings.

Second method for treating VOC sensors were contaminated:

This method is the most direct and effective, which is the direct replacement of the sensor or ion lamp, this method need to be repeated to confirm whether the instrument is seriously polluted, if in the absence of a confirmed case of rush replacement may cause unnecessary economic costs.