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"Sweet killer" - ethyl acetate, gas monitoring in the printing and packaging industry

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The rapid development in the era of packaging and printing, packaging and printing brought significant economic benefits, regardless of the printed film or paper printing, food grade printing, ethyl acetate and other organic solvent ink in the exhaust gas pollution problems are also of concern.

Ethyl acetate (C4H8O2) is a colorless transparent liquid, low toxicity, sweet, belong to the volatile organic compounds (VOC). Ethyl acetate is one of the most widely used fatty acid esters. It is a fast drying solvent with excellent solubility. It is an excellent industrial solvent. It is widely used in the production of printing ink and artificial leather. They have a strong volatility, so in the printing process, the ink can easily dry and quickly solidified. In addition, there is an increase in the amount of ethyl acetate effect. Slightly sweet ethyl acetate is not only the darling of the printing and packaging industry, but also in the textile, food, pharmaceutical, spices and other industries. But because of its wide application, the ethyl acetate lethality and potential harm can not be ignored. When the concentration of ethyl acetate is high, it has irritating odor. When it is high concentration, it has anesthetic effect on people, and continues to inhale a lot, which can cause respiratory paralysis. Flammable, and its vapor and air is easy to form explosive mixture, in case of open fire, high heat will lead to combustion explosion.


In June 2011, dangerous chemicals safety administration of ethyl acetate has been included in the first batch of key regulatory hazardous chemicals, and the provisions of local safety supervision departments at all levels should be the production, storage, use, operation and supervision of the enterprise, priority included in the annual plans for the inspection of law enforcement, the implementation of key regulatory

For the actual needs of customers, Oceanus for many professional development, production, printing and packaging equipment large enterprises, providing monitoring equipment and ethyl acetate system program.

 gas detection control system


In danger of gas and gas in the industrial environment, when the concentration of Oceanus combustible gas alarm detect gas concentration reaches the critical point of the explosion, the alarm will send alarm signals to remind staff to take security measures, and drive exhaust, cutting, spraying system, prevent explosion, fire, poisoning, and to ensure safety in production.

The Oceanus gas monitor can be fixed and installed in indoor and outdoor hazardous places with ethyl acetate or other volatile organic compounds (VOC) leakage, so as to play a role in field monitoring. If the monitoring position of ethyl acetate leakage, gas detector to ethyl acetate concentration data leak site to gas alarm controller in the first time, the gas alarm controller for data processing, and signal output adjusted according to user needs, in order to connect with DCS, PLC and other industrial automation systems engineering.

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