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The sampling method of gas detector

2018-8-31      View:

Portable gas detector is widely used for its small volume, convenient to carry, quickly response and high accuracy. According to sampling method, Portable gas detector can be divided into diffusion sampling gas detector and pump suction detector.

The operating method of diffusion sampling gas detector: gas freely flow in the air; the sample gas flow into the instrument for testing. This method is affected by the detection environment, such as temperature, air flow, etc. Diffused gas detector is characterized by low cost. Our product OC-904 portable gas detector designed with diffusion sampling mode and can connect with external pump.

The pump suction gas detector is equipped with a small air pump. The operating method is that the power drives the air pump to sample in the testing area; then sent to the instrument for testing. Pump suction gas detector is characterized by quickly response. It can be used in long-distance testing and protect people's safety. Our product OC-903/OC-905/OC-1000 portable gas detector designed with pump suction sampling with high accuracy.