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The Supply of Life: Oxygen

2023-4-25      View:

Everything cannot be deprived of oxygen.

Oxygen is the support of life, so oxygen has other uses besides supplying respiration.

Support combustion


Generally, combustion only requires air. However, when special requirements such as high temperature and rapid combustion are required, such as blastironmaking, converter steelmaking, etc., oxygen-enriched air or oxygen needs to be used.

Reaction heat release


During oxidation reactions, especially combustion reactions, a large amount of heat released can be utilized. For example, coal-fired heating and thermal power generation; In industry, acetylene (C2H2) is used to weld or cut metal using the oxyacetylene flame generated during combustion in oxygen. The oxyacetylene flame can generate high temperatures above 3000 ℃.

Considering that other gases will be produced during the combustion process, we can install gas detectors to monitor the gas composition in the air in all of the above places, which is also to ensure the safety of the project.





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