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Common sense of using carbon dioxide detector

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Carbon dioxide gas detector is one of our company often sell the instruments, but often encounter the customer asked: I detected in indoor concentration is sometimes 500ppm, sometimes can reach about 1200ppm, is this normal? When the gas concentration level up to which value will be harmful for human? The following is for everyone to collate information. Please refer.

The density of carbon dioxide is bigger than air, when carbon dioxide is less when no harm to human body, but it is more than a certain amount will affect the person's breathing, because the carbonate concentration in blood increases, acidity increases and acid poisoning. Carbon dioxide in the air volume fraction of 1%, feeling of tightness, dizziness, palpitation; 4%-5% feel dizzy. More than 6% people died as a result of confusion, gradually stopped breathing.

Because carbon dioxide is heavier than air, so the concentration in the lower parts of the higher. The sinking or artificial dig - hole, if poor ventilation will result in the bottom of the suffocation. The normal content of CO2 is 0.04%, when the concentration of CO2 1% will make people feel stuffy, dizziness, palpitation, reach 4%~5% when people feel headache, dizziness, shortness of breath, and up to 10% of the time, will make the human body function serious confusion, loss of consciousness and unconsciousness, make people stop breathing die. Substances to be avoided: Various metal dusts (e.g., magnesium, zirconium, titanium, aluminum, manganese): when suspended in carbon dioxide, it is easy to ignite and explode. Water: will form carbonic acid.

Inhalation of high concentrations of carbon dioxide will be in the coma and cerebral hypoxia, more than 1% of the carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere in general, people with mild dizziness reaction; when more than 3%, began to appear hard breath; more than 6%, will be severe asphyxia and death.

Carbon dioxide concentration will affect human life and rest, arranged the concentration of carbon dioxide and the human body's physiological responses are as follows:

350 ~ 450ppm: the same normal outdoor environment

350 ~ 1000ppm: the air is fresh, the breath is smooth.

1000 ~ 2000ppm: the feeling of air pollution, and began to feel sleepy.

2000 ~ 5000ppm: feeling headache, drowsiness, sluggish, inability to concentrate, heart rate, mild nausea.

Greater than 5000ppm: may lead to severe hypoxia, resulting in permanent brain damage, coma, and even death.

Those data depended on our CO2 gas detector, include portable type and fixed type. Usually can be used in mining industry, metallurgy, hospital, agriculture, aquaculture, etc. To provide personal safety, detecting the concentration of harmful gas is necessary.

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