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What are the hazards of PM10?

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  As people's awareness of environmental protection increases, the concept of environmental pollution has penetrated into the homes of ordinary people. There are some specific understandings of some gas pollutants. Commonly, such as PM2.5, is a word that often appears in life, but in PM2. .5 Before the emergence of PM10, there are not many people who know, and often the main reason for air pollution is that PM2.5 is the main pollutant, ignoring the harmfulness of PM10, then the senior The air environment monitoring equipment manufacturer will answer you.
  Let us first understand what PM10 is. PM10 is also a respirable particulate matter, mainly particles with a particle size below 10 microns, also known as respirable particulate matter or fly ash. Some studies have shown that the source of PM10 is mainly soil, accounting for about 21% of the total source, and has obvious seasonal and regional variability. For example, there are more soil sources in spring, and motor vehicle fuel emissions and coal pollution The ratio is higher in winter.
  So what is the difference and difference between PM10 and PM2.5? The so-called PM10 is actually a particulate matter with a diameter less than or equal to 10 microns. PM2.5 is basically a kind of PM10. Just because PM2.5 is more harmful to the human body, it is listed separately for analysis and research. Control, governance. PM2.5 is mostly derived from fuel combustion and secondary particle formation, so the particle volume is small. The PM10 is mostly derived from the road Yang dust, so the particle volume is large, it is easy to settle in the air, the spread distance is relatively close, and it is easy to be intercepted by the upper airway mucosa and cilia.
  However, the power of PM10 can not be underestimated. Like PM2.5, PM10 can also attach more harmful elements. Therefore, whether it is indoor or outdoor air quality testing, it is no longer possible to monitor only the PM2.5 single item value.

  Since the current urban air pollution is still dominated by dust pollution, PM2.5 and PM10 are important components, and timely monitoring, prevention, and control can be said to be urgent. There is still a long way to go to regulate the air pollution particulate matter PM2.5 and PM10. We must prevent and control through technical means and strive to improve the living environment.

  Our OC-9200 dust monitoring system used to detect the Particulate matter PM2.5 and PM10, TSP, Noise, Meteorological parameters (including of Temperature, Humidity, Wind speed, Wind direction, Barometric pressure ). Combined with industrial laser sensor technology and unique heating dehumidification compensation device, the influence of ambient temperature and humidity on the detection results of particulate matter is reduced.

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