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Which gases can be detected by combustible gas detectors (Ex) ?

2018-5-29      View:

In general, combustible gases that can be detected as follow:

Methane, natural gas,mashgas, liquefied petroleum gas, biogas, isobutane, hydrogen, butane, gasoline, gas, propane, n-butane, ethylene, acetylene and so on.

Alcohols (methanol, ethanol, propyl alcohol, isopropanol), ether, ketone (butanone, acetone)

Toluene, xylene and other compounds (gasoline, diesel, kerosene, industrial solvent, lacquer, thinner, coolant, dry cleaning liquid, methyl acetate, ethyl acetate, ethyl acetate, etc.)


Many customers will say, how can you detect such plenty of gases in one alarm system?

Because these gases are combustible and explosive gases, because the flammable gas use a catalytic combustion sensor, so a gas alarm can be detected, the detection range is 0-100%LEL, but every kind of gas in the calibration of the factory coefficient is different, because each gas explosion limit value is different.

In general, all flammable and explosive gases can be detected with combustible gas alarms, but the limit values of each gas are different. The calibration coefficients are different, the sensors used are catalytic, and the range is the same. So a lot of customers do not understand, I will say I measure acetylene, how you give me a flammable gas alarm, in fact, they all belong to combustible gas, so these gases are a same product.

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