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Unveiling the Use Place of Flammable Gas Detector

2019-3-5      View:

For flammable gas detector, the applicable place is very good to understand and understand, for which flammable gas can be detected, many customers inevitably have a hard understanding. As long as the flammable gas detector is a single gas detection, it can detect many flammable gases, which appears to be conflicting. In fact, this is very improved and understood, Oceanus brought the following.


I. What gases are detected by flammable gas detector

Flammable gas detector is a single gas detector, that is to say: only one gas can be detected at a time, then the flammable gas detector detects which gases are for the function of the instrument, and when applicable, it is calibrated according to the specific gas to be detected in the place.

Flammable gases detected by flammable gas detector include methane, toluene, methanol, ethane, acetylene, ethanol, ethylbenzene, that is, alkanes, benzene, alcohols, jet fuels, gasoline, diesel, kerosene, carbon monoxide, hydrogen, ammonia and so on. 


II. Where is the flammable gas detector suitable?

So, what places are flammable gas detectors suitable for? Frankly speaking, as long as there are flammable and explosive gases in the place, we need to apply the flammable gas detector.

Especially in restaurants, restaurants, chafing dish shops, tea restaurants and other service public places such as kitchen, kitchen and back kitchen, there are applicable flammable and explosive gases, it is necessary to targeted detection of flammable and explosive gas leakage, that is, flammable gas detection.