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Petroleum And Petrochemical Solutions

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The petroleum and petrochemical industry generally refers to the processing industry that uses petroleum and natural gas as raw materials to produce petroleum products and petrochemical products. The petroleum and petrochemical industry is an important part of the chemical industry and plays an important role in the development of the national economy. The petrochemical industry is the main supplier of energy and one of the pillars of the material industry, which promotes the rapid development of China's agriculture. In addition, the development and progress of the modern transportation industry, building materials industry, light industry, textile industry, electronic industry, and many high-tech industries are inseparable from the support of the petroleum and petrochemical industry. Petrochemical products are also closely related to people's lives, providing a variety of daily necessities for human beings, not only adding colorful colors to the world but also making people enjoy a comfortable and convenient high standard of life.

Background overview:

The petrochemical industry is an important part of the chemical industry and a pillar industry of China's economy. The petrochemical industry refers to the processing industry that uses oil and natural gas as raw materials to produce petroleum products and petrochemical products. It has a wide range and many subdivisions. Among them, petroleum products include all kinds of fuel oil (gasoline, kerosene, diesel, etc.) and lubricating oil, as well as liquefied petroleum gas, petroleum coke, paraffin, asphalt, etc. petrochemical products include basic chemical raw materials represented by ethylene, propylene, butadiene, benzene, toluene, and xylene, As well as basic chemical raw materials to produce a variety of organic chemical raw materials (about 200 kinds) and synthetic materials (plastic, synthetic fiber, synthetic rubber).

Current situation analysis:

The petrochemical industry is a special enterprise, because, in the process of production and management of products, flammable and explosive gases or toxic gases are involved, which can pose a serious threat to life and property safety. At present, the industry is faced with the following problems:

1. There are many kinds of potential safety gas, and the potential safety hazard areas are scattered.

2. The time of safety accidents is short, so it is difficult to solve the hidden dangers in time and effectively to avoid accidents.

gas detection system


Given the existing problems in the petrochemical industry, our company designs, and implements an intelligent chemical monitoring system.

System composition: methane, oxygen, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, and other gas detection, temperature and humidity detection, data transmission, linkage implementation.

Intelligent chemical monitoring system combines traditional gas detection with intelligent processing, adopts real-time monitoring, multi-function output, and multi-point response, which can timely and effectively send alarm signals before safety accidents, and automatically drive fan solenoid valve and other equipment through linkage equipment to cut off the source of potential safety hazards in the production process, And timely inform the relevant responsible personnel of the real-time situation through the communication line. The system adopts the open-source design idea, adopts the standard signal output, and can conduct secondary networking with the field central control equipment.