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Pesticide residue tester with 16 channels

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  • Brand   Oceanus
  • Type   OC-C16
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一、Working principle

   According to the insect toxicology principle where organic phosphorus and carbamate based pesticides can restrict the activity of acetylcholine enzyme in median nerves and peripheral nervous system, which cause the accumulation of acetylcholine medium of nerve conduction, it will affect the normal conductivity, and insects will die of toxicosis, it has been used in the testing of pesticide residue. If the solution extracted out of vegetables contains no organic phosphorus or carbamate based pesticides or has lower residual, the activity of enzyme will not be restricted, the substrate added in the test will be hydrolyzed by enzyme, and the hydrolysate will react with the developer added to produce colors(s). On the contrary, if the solution extracted out of vegetables contains certain organic phosphorus or carbamate-based pesticides, the activity of enzyme will be restricted, the substrate added in the test will not be or little hydrolyzed by enzyme, and there will be no or little color changes, take a spectrophotometer to determine the light absorption value carrying with the time, and calculate the restriction rate, so as to judge the residuals of organic phosphorus or carbamate-based pesticides in vegetables.


    This detector is suitable for pesticide residue rapid detection in the field of food safety inspection and supervision, vegetable production base, wholesale vegetable market, supermarket, hygiene and epidemic prevention and environmental protection.


1Two detecting results display is adjustable: qualitative result with restriction rate, quantitive result with the mg/kg.

27.0 inch touching screen, Android operation system.

3 Produced by the GB/T5009.199-2003.

4Built-in printer can print the bar code, vegetable name, restriction rate, pesticide content(Quantitive), whether qualified, detecting date, detecting unit(could be modified on the host), temperature, humidity, etc.

5More than 105 kinds of name(fruits, or vegetables) could be set on the device.

6More than 180,000 groups of detecting data storage. Transmit the storage data to computer by GPRS or WIFI.

716 kinds of samples can be detected meanwhile, also could be detected separately, built-in micro printer,the data could be transmited to computer.

8Users can set the Admin and password to protect the instruments.

9Detecting for the temperature, humidity, dew point.(Optional)



2Wave length410nm

3Restriction rate measuring range0100%

4Transmittance Precision≤±1.5%

5Transmittance repeated≤0.5%

6Photocurrent stability≤0.5%min

7Pesticide detection limit0.15mg/kg

8Restriction rate repeated≤5%

9Testing time09min or other

10Working environmentroom temperature about 20 humidity less than 85%

11Power: AC 220V


    Instrument Box: host computer, electronic scale, colorimetric ware, printer, communication software, power cable, liquid handling and power lines, etc.

Drug box: triangular bottle, measuring flask, hopper, measuring cylinder, reaction bottle, aluminum box, wash bottle and drug (1 set), etc


The warranty for the host is 5 years.
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