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Mini Water Detective Instrument OCS-2000

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  • Brand   Oceanus
  • Type   OCS-2000
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The instrument is used for Coulometric water determination according to Karl Fischer. The instrument is designed for usage as a titrator in analytical laboratories. Its main application field is volumetric titration.

The present instrument is suitable for processing chemicals and flammable samples. The usage of this titrators therefore requires that the user has basic knowledge and experience in the handling of toxic and caustic substances. Knowledge with respect to the application of the fire prevention measures prescribed for laboratories is also mandatory.

Technical specifications

Working Mode: Coulometric KF titration with automatic blank deduction

Endpoint indication: Voltametric, AC indication

Iodine production Pulse with variable current strength and length

Current at the generator electrode: 400 mA

Titration speed: max. 2.4 mg H2O/min

Determination range: 10 ug to 100 mg H2O

Resolution: 0.1 ug H2O

Reproducibility Sample: Reagent manufacturer's standard.

With 10 ug...1000 ug H2O: ± 2 ug

With >1000 ug H2O: 0.2% or better

Drift compensation: automatic

Display: Graphical LCD, 320x 240 dots, LED back-lit

Printer: Built-in thermal printer, Paper width 57 mm

Memory: Data storage of 200 results

Ambient temperature: Nom. operation range  5~40 °C

Storage – 20~60 °C

Transport – 40~60 °C

Voltage: 220 V ± 10 % 50 Hz or 110 V ± 10 % 60 Hz

Power consumption: max. 40 W

Material of housing: PVC

Material of display: Glass (LCD)

Dimensions: 300*300*220mm

Weight : about 4.5kg

If any more questions about the OCS-2000 moisture meter, welcome to contact with us.

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