Economic price Portable CH2O gas detector-gas detection system supplier in China

Economic price Portable CH2O gas detector

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  • Brand   Oceanus
  • Type   805
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The 805 portable formaldehyde directly measures airborne formaldehyde concentrations as well as ambient temperature. It widely used in the follow application scenarios: building materials and indoor air quality detection, environment and public health inspection, estate and property management, industrial production process of formaldehyde detection, such as Paint and Paper manufacture, hospitals pharmaceutical and clinic formaldehyde detection.


With further importance being put on air quality in public buildings, the workplace and in homes, the Formalde meter is aimed towards being the most accurate meter while still providing quick and simple operation from a hand-held device.




Gas type: Formaldehyde

Detecting range: 0~5ppm

Resolution: 0.001ppm

Accuracy: ±2%F.S

Response time: T90<60S

Alarm mode: Sound, light and Vibration

Alarm point: Low alarm point 19.5%vol

           High alarm point 23.5%vol

Working temperature: Normal ambient temperature

Operation humidity: 15%~95%RH(Non-condensation)

Power supply: 3 AAA/7 alkaline battery



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