Economic price Portable Carbon oxide CO gas detector

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  • Brand   Oceanus
  • Type   601
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The 601 portable CO gas detector is a portable detector for detecting carbon monoxide(CO) gas. It can continuously monitor the CO gas concentration in the surrounding environment, once the gas concentration reaches the level of the alarm, the alarm will sound and light.


It is widely used in petroleum, chemical, coal, metallurgy, paper, fire, municipal, telecommunications, food, textile and other industries.




Gas type: Carbon monoxide (CO)

Detecting range: 0~1000ppm

Resolution: 1ppm

Sensor type: Electrochemical sensor

Alarm mode: Sound and Light

Alarm point: Low alarm point 35ppm

           Middle alarm point 70ppm

           High alarm point 200ppm

Working temperature: Normal ambient temperature

Operation humidity: 15%~95%RH(Non-condensation)

Power supply: 3 AAA/7 alkaline battery



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