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Fixed gas detector for multi gas inspection

2017-5-3      View:
  • Brand   Oceanus
  • Type   OC-F08
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OC-F08 fixed gas detector with the 4~20mA signal output or RS485 signal output, also two-level relay output. With the remote controller and the optional audible-visual alarm.

Our engineer design the multi gas detector for different gas type, at most it could detect four gas type concentration, used the special working place.

Common applications is gas safety inspection and alarm for industrial scene, such as petroleum refinery, chemical plants, LPG stations, boiler rooms, gas stations, paint spray booths, metallurgy, mining, fire, environmental protection, etc.

4-20mA standard analog signal and RS485 digital signal output, 200~1000HZsignal output, relay output, data restore, data logger(optional); 
LED screen displaying the gas concentration, gas type, unit, instrument status etc.
Independent air chamber, the sensor is not required to replace the sensor calibration, automatic identification of key parameters of the sensor
Protection function to prevent high gas concentration attack.

Display the gas concentration in ppm, %LEL, %vol and mg/m3 is selectable.

Infrared remote controller operation;

With the 16bit ADC acquisition chip, designed with four-layer circuit board, so with high anti-interference ability.

With the Ex-proof certificate, the Ex-proof grade is Exd II CT6.

If you need the customized fixed gas detector for multi gas, or interested with this products, welcome to contact us.

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