Economic price Portable Hydrogen Sulfide H2S gas detector

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The 802 portable H2S gas detector is a portable detector for detecting hydrogen sulfide(H2S) gas. It can continuously monitor the H2S gas concentration in the surrounding environment, once the gas concentration reaches the level of the alarm, the alarm will sound, light and vibration. The detector uses natural diffusion tests of ambient air, using high quality imported electrochemical gas sensor, with great sensitivity and excellent repeatability.



Gas type: Hydrogen Sulfide(H2S)

Detecting range: 0~500ppm

Resolution: 1ppm

Accuracy: ±5%F.S

Sensor type: Electrochemical sensor

Response time: T90<30S

Alarm mode: Sound, light and Vibration

Alarm point: Low alarm point 10ppm

           High alarm point 15ppm

Working temperature: Normal ambient temperature

Operation humidity: 15%~95%RH(Non-condensation)

Power supply: 3 AAA/7 alkaline battery

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